°1824, Universal Music Group’s creative solutions team highlights young and upcoming artists and their connections with fans. A couple of weeks ago we, among other publications, were given the opportunity to chat with Lauren Spencer Smith before the release of her debut album, “Mirror”. From creating videos of herself singing in parking garages on TikTok, to now getting ready to embark on her upcoming “Mirror Tour”, Smith’s career is nothing short of quickly rising to stardom.
Our publication asked Smith for a glimpse into the musical style and themes that listeners can expect to hear in “Mirror”. Smith’s album encompasses multiple “sad ballads”, which she stated mainly were influenced by the sounds of JP Saxe and Olivia Rodrigo. Smith’s “wordy and sad lyrics” captivate listeners and allow fans to connect with and relate to Smith’s experiences on a deeper and more personal level, as we’re sure to see with these songs performed live on the “Mirror Tour”. Speaking of the upcoming tour, another publication asked Smith where she’s always wanted to play a show, with her answer being Vancouver, as Smith hails from Canada.
Although Smith’s album “Mirror” just released July 14th, we and other publications were given a preview of two songs from the album during this press conference, those being Bigger Person and Do It All Again. Smith even mentioned that Bigger Person was the album's only song written at night (2am specifically). Both being nothing short of beautiful and emotional ballads, “Mirror” will comfort the hearts of many fans who resonate with Smith’s powerful lyrics.
- Kylie Hoover

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