Brooklyn Bowl was a lively place to be in Nashville, Tennessee. Jake Wesley Rogers created a safe place for music lovers of all ages. The venue welcomed fans of all ages. You can look to your left and see a little girl living their life then look to your right, and see someone of an older generation dancing with their spouse. It was a warming experience. There was no label as to who could be there. This was a safe place for everyone who needed it.
The night opened with Purser, who dedicated the night to queer joy. Their folk-rock ambiance was a perfect introduction to the night. As one who attends many concerts, Purser has been one of the only performers to make the crowd laugh out loud. Their energy was fun and light, and they just had a warm glow around them. If you are a Nashville local, Purser is always having live shows around town! Check them out (Instagram: pursermusic).
Another introduction to the night was the lovely Stacey Ryan. Even though she just had herself, and her guitar, she exuded so much talent. She was very into crowd participation whether it was snapping or chants. Her voice was light and airy yet had a powerful undertone to it. Stacey Ryan has a new EP out, and you should check it out.
Jump by Van Halen blared throughout Brooklyn Bowl to welcome Jake Wesley Rogers to the stage. You could feel his stage presence from the minute he hit the stage. He gave every feeling and ounce of energy to the audience. His raw vocals hit the air with some tang from the basslines. Jake was twirling around the stage as if he was the next Stevie Nicks (and honestly, he totally could be). There was more than passion within his music. There was a story and a message. Jake Wesley Rogers got the crowd chanting, “I thought love can set me free”. But, love did set us free within the power of music. No matter who you are, you can feel seen. at one of his shows.
Jake Wesley Rogers is the epitome of what music is all about. Establishing a safe place amongst fans translates to great lengths in society. During current times, support from everyone (no matter social staus) is extremely important. Jake Wesley Rogers, Purser, and Stacey Ryan did just that within one night.
- Gabrielle Sanchez
Photos courtesy of Kylie Hoover (for Bell Music Magazine)

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