Once again, we and other publications were given the pleasure to be introduced to another one of °1824 (Universal Music Group’s) talented young artists. Braden Bales, fresh off the release of his debut EP “Nomad” on July 7th, 2023. Bales spoke with us as a whole about the inspiration behind the title of “Nomad”, the sounds of his EP, and the genres that inspired Bales’s unique sound.
One of Bales’s first big hits, “CHRONICALLY CAUTIOUS” (featured on the EP), initially grabbed the attention of millions of viewers on TikTok at the beginning of 2023. This quick and overwhelming rise of TikTok stardom inspired Bales to continue working on his debut EP, including four other lyrically catchy songs such as ROI.
As for the inspiration behind the EP title “Nomad”, Bales answered another publication’s question regarding the title and explained his journey of trying to find a home/the place where Bales feels he belongs. Starting as a Canadian native, Bales then traveled from Ontario to Los Angeles to now Nashville, all while doing what he loves best, making music. While this journey was all taking place throughout the country, Bales’s car was his only “home”, hence the NOMAD title.
Our publication asked Bales how he would describe the sound/style of his EP, and if any particular genres/influences shaped his music. Bales answered that he wanted to encompass his multi-genre style discography in NOMAD, such as rap and alternative pop. Although Bales explained that he’s an active listener in the folk and afro-beat space, he doesn’t tend to make music in the genres that he listens to the most.
- Kylie Hoover

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