On Tuesday, March 28th, Bryce Vine continued the “Serotonin Tour 2023” at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, Tennessee. The venue was packed full of fans of all ages, eagerly waiting to hear Bryce Vine's upbeat Hip Hop/Rap discography.
Although the tour name represents Vine’s most recently released EP, “Serotonin”, the concert setlist covered most of the releases throughout his career. Opening up the show with “Where the Wild Things Are” from Vine’s first EP released back in 2014, "Lazy Fair", provides that nostalgia for long-time fans, and allows newer fans to jump around and get excited about the fast-pace song. Continuing through, Vine played songs off the "Serotonin" EP such as "Nostalgia", "Stay Afloat", and "Grow Up".
Interaction with the crowd is something that Vine so willingly takes into account for his performances. Whether it’s heading down towards the barricade to be right near fans during his song “The Fall” or passing the microphone for a fan to rap during “Bella”, Bryce Vine clearly appreciates and enjoys including interactive aspects with the crowd at his concerts. Not only was fan participation a huge interactive aspect, but Vine’s colorful visuals projected on the screen behind him brightened up the venue and showcased different and multi-changing scenes for each song.
Working towards the end of the setlist led to Vine’s most popular and well-loved songs. The fan-favorites of Bryce Vine’s discography range throughout his career. Hits from the 2014 "Lazy Fair" EP such as "Sour Patch Kids" and "Guilty Pleasure" provide timeless beats and fun scenario-style lyrics, that fans scream every word to. On the newer side, "Drew Barrymore" and "La La Land", from Vine’s 2019 Album “Carnival” continue on the crowd's hype, as the concert ends. Bryce Vine’s concerts continue to provide a new meaning to “Serotonin” through this new era of his evolving career.
- Kylie Hoover
Photos courtesy of Kylie Hoover (for Bell Music Magazine)

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