The Fangs, a Nashville band, welcomed fans into their world at The End. Manny A (vocals), Aden Gray (guitarist and vocals), Travis Keys (bassist), and Giselle Ramirez (drummer) mold their own version of punk. Punk music brings out non-conformist, stripped-down instrumentation, and shouted lyrics. The Fangs carried out this definition, yet, they added a little bit of funk to it. The band's raw and abrasive sound was matched by their frenzied stage presence, as they jumped, kicked, and thrashed their way through their set. At one point, Manny Aye destroyed an acoustic guitar during the set. This only added to the already electric atmosphere, as the crowd erupted in excitement.
The lead singer's voice was a powerful force while belting out lyrics from their songs, ‘Who Are You’ to ‘May Death Find You Alive”. They covered ‘Kiwi’ by Harry Styles and ‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand. Fans absolutely went insane during ‘Kiwi’ as they danced like there was nobody watching. The guitar riffs were sharp and driving, fueling the crowd's excitement. Meanwhile, the rhythm section kept the beats relentless, providing a solid foundation for the rest of the band to build upon.
Throughout the show, the band interacted with the crowd, encouraging them to sing along and participate in the chaos. The Fangs called their fans “The Fang Gang” which redefines band-to-fan relationships. The Fangs want the fans to feel like they are the only people there at that exact moment. People need people, and we have to enjoy all of it. The Fangs are making a name for themselves. They have a look and a message. Now, they say we should never trust a vampire but shall we this once?
- Gabrielle Sanchez
Photos courtesy of Kylie Hoover (for Bell Music Magazine)

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