There is nothing shy about shows that occur at The End in Nashville, Tennessee. The Billy Tibbals Band and Mac Saturn brought fans through the true definition of rock and roll. The demographic was sprawled out from young women to older generations. By observing fans Monday night, the revival of rock music is alive and well.
The Billy Tibbals Band, hailing from Los Angeles, finally took the stage and immediately commanded everyone’s attention. Their sound was a blend of classic rock influences, with modern indie rock thrown in for good measure. The guitar riffs were loud and distorted, the drums were thunderous, and the vocals were gritty and powerful. The band members were clearly passionate about their music and gave an incredibly energetic performance. From that Brit-rock look, it was hard to keep your eyes off of the revival happening on stage.
From doors to 5 minutes before they took the stage, Mac Saturn fans were ecstatic to see the up-and-coming rock band. Fans were making signs or getting ready to throw accessories on stage. As soon as they took the stage, we were all transported back to the golden age of rock and roll. The crowd was encapsulated by the immediate energy Mac Saturn gave off. Carson Macc (vocals), Mike Moody (guitar), Jive Moses (bass), Angie Coppola (drums), Nick Barone (guitar), and Evan Mercer (keys) had an obvious connection that made it seem so easy for them to thrive on stage together. Carson Macc, has a flamboyant attitude while commanding the crowd’s attention with his stage presence. They were performing songs from their latest EP Until The Money Runs Out. The bulk of their setlist was unreleased songs- which did not stop fans from singing along. A lot of fans described this as their 3rd or 4th Mac Saturn show. The connection the band has with their fans is evident through call and responses or throwing guitar picks across the venue. During ‘Aint Like You’, Macc invited fans to sing along to the chorus. Without any hesitation, the fans took control and left the band speechless. Times like these remind us why we live for concerts. The soul-feeding music was everything the fans needed for the night. Rock and roll is for the soul, they say.
- Gabrielle Sanchez

Photos courtesy of Abbie Murphy (for Bell Music Magazine)

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