In the midst of her first ever arena tour, Olivia Rodrigo drops the deluxe version of her sophomore album, "GUTS (Spilled)". The “Bad Idea, Right?” singer revealed the new version during her first Chicago show with the perfect photo opp. According to fan videos from the moment, while she moved effortlessly through “Get Him Back”, Rodrigo unfolded a sign exclaiming “GUTS Deluxe out Friday”. The existence of these hidden tracks first came to light when Rodrigo shared a retro-inspired infomercial on her YouTube page. The quirky video playfully marketed GUTS as the solution for moments when one’s gut feelings needed reassurance in matters of life and love. As the 12-song GUTS tracklist scrolled across the screen, the video mysteriously glitched, briefly revealing the titles of the hidden songs. This clever marketing tactic added an element of surprise and intrigue for fans, further fueling their anticipation for the vinyl editions. The addition of one secret song per color-coded vinyls. Fan reaction to the hidden song ranged from social media flurries stating how much they want their song on streaming platforms.
 The deluxe version will include a brand new song called “So American” and the entirety of the secret songs found on vinyls around the country. The marketing team behind Olivia Rodrigo’s success always have a fun surprise and addictive tactic to get fans to hunt down her music to listen to as much as they can. For GUTS expanded version, the secret songs hidden on varied vinyls are “Obsessed,” “Scared of My Guitar,” “Stranger” and “Girl I've Always Been.” The name itself suggests how vulnerable and transparent the singer is with her fans, as in showing her full self and telling all her secrets through spilling her guts. The first song on the deluxe edition is “Obsessed”. “Obsessed” deals with the overpowering feelings of obsession with her current partner’s ex. The song centers the theme of jealousy and how it can destructively ruin self-confidence, and ultimately the relationship. The next song on the deluxe album is “Scared of My Guitar”. Rodrigo is handling mixed feelings in a romantic relationship. To the outside viewer, her relationship is great and her partner treats her well. But underneath the surface, she’s anxious and questioning her relationship. She tries to distract herself from these feelings and avoids writing music, because then the truth will come out. Rodrigo sings about avoiding writing music and playing her guitar. She will be able to keep pretending this relationship is perfect and won’t have to face the convictions she knows she holds deep down, if she doesn’t write about them. 
In the song “Stranger”, she captures the post-breakup era of personal growth and moving on. She writes “You’re just a stranger I know everything about” referencing the once close relationship between her and past partner and now the absolute distance between them. The relatable feeling of knowing the intricacies of someone, and then being forced to move on with those memories still in your mind is expressed perfectly in “Stranger”. The last secret song released on “GUTS (Spilled)” is called “girl I’ve always been”. Rodrigo expresses how she stays true to herself, no matter what the public or personal relationships may say about her to harm her. As a celebrity who is the center of many hurtful anecdotes, Olivia pens this song as a declaration of self-defense and self-love. She exclaims “I can’t say I’m a perfect ten. But I’m the girl I’ve always been”. This self-confidence and acceptance is a theme throughout her whole album. Fans of Olivia Rodrigo are no stranger to internet-breaking surprises, and the deluxe version of “Guts” was no exception.
- Isabel Hodell

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