Nikki Wildy is back with a new song and a new direction. “Mrs. Generosity” is a clean-cut work of remarkably efficient pop minimalism. Although Wildy keeps the musical palate simple, her lyrics and melody deliver all the flair of a Broadway stage tune. Fans of Ariana Grande, Tessa Violet, and Regina Spektor will want to give “Mrs. Generosity” a spot on their playlist. 
The verses feature an off-balance plucking guitar that twists around Wildy’s voice. The dance between guitar and verse is accented by an occasional angelic harmony or reversed cymbal sound. Altogether, it’s a quirky rhythm that reflects the indecision of the lyrics. With restrained frustration at a toxic partner, Wildy sings that it’s “you who put broke me in pieces floating in space” and “you who I can believe will make it all okay.” In the chorus, Wildy flips the script, pointing the finger back at herself and lamenting at how easily she forgives, even when she shouldn’t. Following the emphasis of the main hook, the beat drops into a swaying groove. 
Spliced background vocals pop in and out around Wildy’s lilting melody. The tension of the song releases beautifully when Wildy sings “please exonerate me.” In that moment the song goes full R&B in the best way. “Mrs. Generosity” is both honest, and clever: a balance that is hard to strike as a creator but easy to love as a listener. The song constantly moving in an understated way. No point is belabored, and no sound sticks around for long. “Mrs. Generosity” may be Nikki Wildy’s first song in a few years, but let’s hope she has the generosity to keep us updated with more music soon. Check out "Mrs. Generosity" below!
- Jefferson Deery

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