Holly Humberstone, the rising indie pop sensation hailing from Grantham, England, is capturing the spotlight after touring alongside big names such as Girl in Red and Olivia Rodrigo. Her recent debut album, "Paint My Bedroom Black," has been making waves in the music scene, and she recently conducted an engaging Q&A session on behalf of °1824. Various publications, including Bell Music Magazine, had the opportunity to delve into her songwriting process, gain insights into her candid thoughts about the album, and learn about her life as her career gains traction. 
When asked about the album's creation and any memorable moments from the experience, Humberstone vividly recounted a pivotal moment when she collaborated with Ethan Gruska, an artist she had long admired. She recalled a moment of creative struggle while in LA, longing to be back home on her day off. It was during this challenging time that she reached out to Ethan, and they spent two days writing together, ultimately giving birth to the song "Into Your Room." Humberstone emphasized the deeply personal nature of her songwriting, explaining that collaborations only work when there's a genuine connection. "It's such an intimate thing, and I can't open up to a random 40-year-old man. It's hard to be vulnerable with people you don't know," she expressed.
 One intriguing facet of Humberstone's album is the voice note in her song "Ghost Me," which references Spongebob. This addition has quickly become popular to fans and, amusingly enough, has become Humberstone's favorite part of the album. She explained that the song, centered on missing friends and home, naturally incorporates humor because she doesn't take herself too seriously. She spoke fondly of the voice note from her best friend Lauren, highlighting its personal and special nature. Humberstone's deep connections with family and friends shine through in the way she talks about those close to her. 
Looking ahead, Humberstone is gearing up for her upcoming tour, aptly titled "This Feels Like the Truman Show." She's made it clear that she intends to share her experiences on her own terms, likening it to navigating the challenges of the iconic movie "The Truman Show." For her, expressing her feelings and experiences is best achieved through songwriting. Fans can undoubtedly anticipate more incredible music from Holly Humberstone following the forthcoming tour. In the meantime, her album "Paint My Bedroom Black" is available on all major streaming platforms.
- Jenna Wilkinson

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