On May 3rd, Anthony Poli unveiled his latest musical offering, "The Space Between". A compilation of ten tracks, this album serves as a poignant reflection on the myriad of experiences encountered over the past three years since his arrival in Nashville for college. In an Instagram post, Anthony aptly described it as "a trail of my identity, the highs and lows of healing, a little bit of love, and hope." Infused with haunting melodies and vulnerable lyrics, each song is linearly positioned, forming a cohesive narrative that immerses listeners into Anthony's world. One standout track exemplifying the album’s distinctiveness is the single “Either Way,” released at the end of last year. This dynamic composition gradually builds, culminating in an explosive guitar solo. Anthony's layered vocals, intertwined with melancholic lyrics, juxtapose against the upbeat instrumentals. “Either Way'' showcases Anthony Poli’s ability to create hypnotic rock music that invites you to both dance and reflect at the same time. Throughout "The Space Between", Anthony embarks on a cathartic journey as he dissects and processes the many lessons he has learned during his time at Belmont University. 
Anthony’s musical journey began in Chicago, where he has been playing guitar since the seventh grade. However, he credits his high school music production teacher with being the first person to encourage him to write a song. Taking inspiration from bands like “The Doors” and “The War on Drugs,” Anthony’s music is especially unique. He describes it as “an immersive experience that can be very heavy at times.” Anthony admits that “creating an immersive experience was always something that was very important to me,” and this was successfully achieved in the careful production of each song. Its “weirdly metallic and atmospheric” qualities craft an all-encompassing sonic experience, characterized by its psychedelic allure. It is evident that Anthony’s personality permeates every note, offering listeners a glimpse into his evolving self-perception. This album seems to surround you, ebbing and flowing while you get lost in the musicality. 
Additionally, Anthony Poli’s lyrics play a huge role in cultivating the bewitching energy of this album. When asked about his favorite song, Anthony named the final track on the album: “Can You Feel The Space?” He explains that “it sums up everything I talk about and I feel like it’s a perfect depiction of how I feel about that project…It’s a perfect representation of how that era of my sound exists, where I was at the time, and the memories I have making that song.” Its thundering ending lingers, proving itself to be a powerful culmination that encapsulates the essence of the entire project. On the other hand, he found many of the songs on the album to be challenging to write because of their personal nature. Specifically, the fifth song titled “Ballerinas and Cigarettes” proved difficult because of just how personal Anthony dared to go. Drawing from his own journal entries, Anthony navigates the complexities of vulnerability, infusing the song with raw emotion and introspection. He explains that “the deeper songs are harder for me to make because it’s getting myself to sit there and feel those emotions…it’s a lot of work and a lot of deep thought.” However, delving into personal depths proved to be a challenging yet ultimately rewarding endeavor.
When discussing "The Space Between," Anthony underscores the collaborative efforts that brought his vision to fruition. In particular, his producer and friend Jaxon Tredennick was his closest partner on this project. “Ever since I’ve known [Jaxon,] we’ve just clicked spiritually,” he states. Anthony describes that he approached Jaxon last year with the entire ten song project already written. They decided to take it to the studio and make Anthony’s vision a reality. It was there, in the studio alongside Jaxon for hours at a time, that these songs blossomed. Subsequently, through Jaxon, they were able to bring both Avery Herman and Nikki Carter onto the team. Anthony describes them as “some of the best humans I’ve ever met in my life” and says that they were instrumental in the development and promotion of this project. Finally, Anthony gives a great deal of credit to the incredible musicians who played on this album: Cameron Bertolet, Cooper McCord, Jayden Mason, and Wyatt Swaim. He seems overwhelmed with love and appreciation for the team behind the album, humbly confessing “If I think about it too long, I get a little emotional because I am just so grateful to have a bunch of these guys supporting me and believing in me.” The Space Between is a deeply personal album for Anthony Poli but it is also a combination of all of the individuals around him who constantly uplift his creativity and cultivate a supportive environment.

Looking ahead, Anthony's musical journey shows no signs of slowing down. If you have been listening to "The Space Between" and are already looking forward to new music, you might not have to wait long. He is currently working on the next project, for which multiple songs have already been recorded. When they finished "The Space Between" in January, there came a moment when Anthony and Jaxon were unsure of where to go next. “We knew in both our minds what the answer was, and it was to just keep making music.” He teases that this upcoming project has a “new sound that kind of crept up.” Anthony describes it as “softer around the edges…[and] a more mature, natural development. We’re trying to figure out a way to keep things light and keep it powerful.” Make sure to follow Anthony’s socials (@anthonypoli), stream "The Space Between", and keep an eye out for more releases throughout the rest of this year!
- Abby Jester

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