School is back in session and what better way to dive head-first into local music than to attend an Alpha Cool Guys house show? This music collective has created a name for themselves by bringing people together for a good time with music that everyone enjoys. From indie alternative, to pop punk, to electronic, the group provides the audience with a diverse range of music to enjoy. 
Fans of indie alternative, singer-songwriter music can find their new local fixation in Jude Parish and the Fellas. Jude started with a calm song, while slowly building dynamics throughout the set. The band showed impressive musicality as the vocals, bass, guitar, keys, and drums all worked together to create a moving, resonant sound. The teamwork within the band showed in the members’ interactions on stage. Jude Parish and his Fellas are a group whose friendship is made stronger through their collective love for music. While the music was instrument-heavy, the uniqueness of Jude’s voice shined through and pulled it all together. Possibly one of the most moving songs was titled “Me N My Strings,” where he sings about his love for music and finding a form of expression through it. Jude Parrish’s songwriting is unmatched and has him shooting toward success. His performance is only enhanced by how connected he is to his music, as a direct result of his hard work.
 Pop-punk was all the rage in the early 2000s, but people are still enjoying it today. Cameron Alexander brought fans of this genre an exciting performance. Opening with classics like “Tongue Tied” by Grouplove, he captured the audience’s attention and prepared them for the genre switch. We then got to see who Cameron is as an individual artist with his original song titled “Arrows.” Cameron’s voice is distinctly pop-punk, but it is a sound that gets people moving and even creates nostalgia. This set had people jumping, dancing, smiling, and having a great time. Towards the end, Cameron showed his innovative musical skills with a pop-punk rendition of “Umbrella” by Rihanna. Changing the genre of a song can be tricky, but Cameron executed it seamlessly and had the crowd singing along. Pop-punk fanatics can thank Cameron for the representation of the niche genre in Nashville.
 Finally, Producer Sven Wears Stripes had the crowd singing and dancing with his remixes of popular songs. The set was a great combination of songs people could dance to, transitioning into songs that brought people back to good times. The audience sang along to songs like “I Love It” by Icona Pop, “Summer” by Calvin Harris, and “Adore You” by Harry Styles. Sven’s positive energy is contagious and the audience feels it as they let loose and enjoy the music on a Saturday night. It can undoubtedly be said that this set was a favorite among the show attendees. Having enjoyed live music, the crowd could get more into the “party” side of the show with the remixes and the upbeat music. Even though the set was created and performed by Sven, the rest of the performers stayed up on the stage and danced, creating a fun, loving energy. The “Alpha Cool Guys” music collective breaks musical barriers. Each band member, singer, or performer is unique and talented in their fashion. Providing the crowd with multiple genres, they show that love for music brings people together, regardless of stylistic differences.
- Jenn Onate

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