FIZZ is an indie pop supergroup that is shocking music fanatics with their unique sound and style. The four members: Greta Isaac, Dodie, Martin Luke Brown, and Orla Garland have all had notable success in their solo projects and are now providing fans with a new musical experience. Their debut album, the Secret to Life, brings fans on a journey through the band’s personal life experiences. FIZZ hosted a Q&A on behalf of °1824 where various publications, including the Bell Music Magazine, were able to learn more about the method to their madness, their visuals, and how they learned to work together as a group. 
The members of FIZZ have been friends for ten years and they first launched the band at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton. When asked what the secret to life was, Greta said “the secret to life is our friendship and everything we experience together.” This statement tells us that the records are very personal to the members, and we can learn about them through their music. They discussed their struggles in transitioning from solo members to a band. They found it difficult to have a unified band voice, but learned that communication and dedication is the key to success. With regards to their music, they said all of their best creations happened when they decided to let go and not overthink. They shared their tactic of swapping instruments among members and just stepping outside their comfort zone to create a sound that would be unique to them. In addition to their music, people can find originality in the visuals for their singles. Their covers exude themes of halloween, circus, and general wackiness, in the best way possible. Greta emphasized the importance of knowing that being themselves as artists is enough, and they know that they do not have to try so hard to fit inside of a box. She said “the world celebrates originality.” Music listeners can expect original and unique creations from FIZZ and learn about the Secret to Life by listening to their new album.
- Jenn Onate

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