Music was always the end goal for Reneé Rapp. Thus, with the release of her new album Snow Angel on August 18th, Renee could not be happier. Sure, she might have gotten her start from her roles acting on Broadway and TV, but music was her first love. Listen to any single one of Reneé’s songs from her previous EP Everything to Everyone or Snow Angel, and it is clear that she has the talent to back up that passion. Her voice is expressive and clear, conveying the heavy emotional themes she writes about. When asked, Renee cited one of her new songs “The Wedding Song” as the most difficult to record as it was the most difficult vocally. It is only one example of the power that her voice holds and why she is one of today’s most talented breakout stars.
However, there is another reason besides her enchanting voice why Reneé’s songs are constantly going viral, and people are consistently connecting with her music: her relatable songwriting. The songs on this album are about events clearly pulled from Reneé’s own life. However, she can take the specificity of her own experiences and spin them into relatable stories that speak to her whole audience. Reneé credits musical theatre with shaping her storytelling ability, which manifests in the way that each song feels like a fully developed tale within the life of a young queer woman navigating a world of heartbreak and love. Reneé has spoken about using her music as a tool to understand herself better. When asked what she took away from writing this album, Reneé said that she learned “I am always going to have more questions about myself.” This lesson is also a theme throughout the lyrics of the album, with lots of wondering and reflecting about situations in which she has been hurt. Through her writing, Reneé both answers existing questions and finds new ones, often dilemmas that many others are struggling with as well. Her words are the vessel that allows her voice to shine and connect with people all around the world. In fact, she even admitted that “apparently it becomes a danger to others” when she writes lyrics that are too direct. She had to rewrite “Poison Poison” three different times in three different ways, just because the lyrics were too scathing. Her unfailing honesty is why people cannot get enough of Reneé Rapp.
There are so many reasons to be a fan of Reneé Rapp: her poignant music, her hilarious personality, her alluring sense of style, and her outspoken support of people of all identities. Snow Angel is the perfect reflection of all these attributes. It is clear from this beautiful album that she is going to continue to achieve great things as one of the most popular up-and-coming artists of the year. Make sure to stream Snow Angel and catch a show on her upcoming Snow Hard Feelings Tour!
- Abby Jester

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