Glimmer Rock touches down in Nashville with Vienna Vienna making their debut at The Basement for New Faces Night. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Vienna Vienna’s sound is edgy and in-your-face, drawing inspirations from 90s pop-rock. Their fast-paced songs keep you on your toes, as they express their frustration with the world Generation-Z has been dealt. Their witty songwriting was spotlighted during their performance of “God Save the Queens,” a snarky response to those who aren’t accepting of queer people. It’s obvious through their energetic and persuasive performances that these songs are genuine and cathartic to share. They call back to the themes in “Vienna” by Billy Joel, about wanting to slow down and enjoy where you are in a world that is urging you to grow up. 
Most notably, their performance of Beauty Queen was compelling and heartbreaking. The addition of drums and bass provided intense contrast from the stripped back studio recording. The song is devastating, and they never thought it would see the light of day. It bleeds with desire for acceptance and visibility, whilst keeping everything in. A vulnerable and sincere track, it speaks to the experience of closeted queer people. To be able to see this song live with full performance and emotion from Vienna Vienna was spectacular. I’m eager to hear future releases from Vienna Vienna, and I hope they can make it down Nashville again soon.
- Rachel Mitchell
Photos Courtesy of Rachel Mitchell (For Bell Music Magazine)

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