°1824 always gives fans a clear path to the very talented. As always, they did not fail. Sarah Kinsley is taking the Internet by storm. The internet has loved her since her viral song, “The King”. Now, we are giving her love for her new EP, Ascension. We were given the privilege to talk to Sarah herself, along with other talented publications.
The music scene is not new for Sarah. One publication asked her to share her music journey as everyone starts from somewhere. Sarah was classically trained on piano and violin. Her first memories of music were very structured. One of the first things Sarah was told is that she is very emotional, which her music emulated. Her journey through classical music has not ended. Sarah is continuing to battle through “the barriers of binary themes of classical music”. Her goal was to always break out of the mold. It seems like she has, but for Sarah, she is still on her journey.
Her new EP, Ascension, came out on June 9. A publication asked them to share her process by defining what this EP is to her. The EP touches on the human ability to grasp how time changes. Sarah describes time as a feeling and humans will never fully understand it. The EP has an illusion of growing up in almost a nuanced way, Sarah shares. Time is a measure of who you are as a person. Sarah describes Ascension as a place where we go to where things are unchanging and stable. It’s our safety net. Transcending feelings can push people to try a discover who they are. Sometimes we expect it, and sometimes we do not. As she has an emotional meaning behind her beautiful EP, there are always difficulties. Sarah does produce her music as well. Sarah shared that producing is a mind-boggling process. It could drive one crazy but it brings a sense of comfort. Being in control of your work only creates more of a broad skill base.
No matter who the musician is, they always learn something from each era they are in. If they have 15 albums or just 1, they face challenges. Sarah’s main advice from anyone going into the music industry is to, “experience and listen but trust your gut and know that you know when you have something good.” You are the only person in the world that knows you so well.
We had the privilege to chat with Sarah. As she has a prevalent presence on TikTok, we noticed the use of a contact microphone. The microphone changes her voice as an instrument. It makes her focus on the melodic content. Sarah says she is not “bound by the daunting thought of “I have to create something now.” She is in control of her work within her time.
Sarah Kinsley is on a journey and she is doing it so well. She is talented and knows what she wants when it comes to her music. Music aside, she is an insightful being. Hearing someone talk about music with such emotion and passion is refreshing. Check out her new EP, Ascension. You will not regret it.
- Gabrielle Sanchez

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