What better way to ring in the new year than with glitter? For fans of post-hardcore, shoegaze, and post-rock, Glitterer could be the band of 2024. Initially an offshoot of the emo favorites, Title Fight, Glitterer has evolved from Ned Russin’s pet project to a fully fledged band. Glitterer’s bread and butter is a quick-hitting song with chugging bass, washed out cymbals, and a glimmering synth tone. The band’s newest singles, “Just a Place” and “Plastic,” follow the Glitterer blueprint, but the addition of new band members brings newfound nuance in the guitar melodies and drum cadences. “Just a Place” sets a distant, mournful mood with ringing suspended guitar chords and a constant whirring synth in the background. Between verses, the sheen briefly turns discordant, adding a delightful wrinkle to the otherwise iron-pressed song. 
“Just a Place” is not full-on melancholy, though, as Russin sings of overcoming misplaced guilt and the tug of moving on. “Plastic” is a grittier track reminiscent of a Turnstile song, and Russin’s drawling vocals add just the right amount of angst. About halfway through the song, a killer synth triad sparkles to life to kick the song into high gear. Both “Just a Place” and “Plastic” are set to appear on Glitterer’s new full-length album, Rationale, which comes out February 24, 2024. As of now, the band has a short tour scheduled for March 2024 which will take the band through the American Midwest and Canada. Although they have no official plans to come through Nashville, keep your eyes out for Glitterer.
- Jefferson Deery

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