For the first time since 2019, Baroness finally came back to Nashville and they put on an amazing show at The Basement East. Joined by Filth is Eternal from Seattle, Washington, and Portrayal of Guilt from Austin, Texas, the whole show was filled with energy and anticipation. When the doors opened at 7 PM, people immediately flooded in and found spots at the barricade so they could get the best view of Baroness. From the buzz in the air and the conversations floating around the room, you could tell that this show was one that was long overdue. That feeling was made obvious when the lights dropped and Gina, John, Sebastian, and Nick took to the stage. 
The crowd erupted into a roar of cheers and the smiles that came across the member’s faces as a result, was one of pure joy and admiration of their fans. The band started with their single “Last Word” from their latest album ‘STONE’, and gave us classics from ‘Yellow and Green’ along with some favorites, such as “Fugue” and “Shock Me” from the iconic ‘Purple’ Album. Baroness tricked the crowd after they played “The Sweetest Curse” and left the stage, making their adoring fans break out into chants of “One more song!” or even “Five more songs!” The band quickly came back out and we heard “Isak”, which took the fans all the way back to one of their very first albums in 2007. The setlist ended with “Take My Bones Away”, which left the crowd dying for more. 
The band has been through so much since their first album but that has never stopped them. Anything they went through, they turned it into something positive through their stunning albums. Sebastian’s amazing drum fills, Nick’s insane bass skills, paired John’s love for his music and his raw vocals, all brought together by Gina’s passion and driving guitar solos, made it easy for Baroness to dominate The Basement East and give the whole crowd, even the staff, a show to remember.
- Ashlee Riggins
Photos Courtesy of Ashlee Riggins (For Bell Music Magazine)

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