The Ryman Auditorium, a place for music lovers and dreamers, welcomed the jam band, Goose. Peter Anspach, Jeff Arevalo, Ben Atkind, Rick Mitarotonda, and Trevor Weekz did not hesitate to make it a magical night for all attendees. From the minute of doors opening, the Ryman was packed to the brim. People from all over were there to experience the Nashville concert experience of the Ryman. Some people stated that this was their 5th or even 15th Goose show. Their fans explain how amazing the jam band makes them feel. Goose’s shows are never the same- every night is a different setlist.
From the minute they took the stage, there was nothing but dancing and pure laughter. People were there just feeling the music. Looking around, fans were present for the show. They were singing their hearts out or laughing with their partners. Nothing in that moment mattered more than music. Living present within the intimate moments of the relationships around them transects the culture of concerts. It is more than a concert. It was a pure celebration of love and friendships.
A Goose show would have not been completed without the amazing lighting. The lighting encapsulated the true feelings of what goes on inside when listening to a jam band. Lyrics are gold but nothing speaks louder than the tone of a guitar. There was nothing light about what was going on on stage. The stage presence of Goose emulated throughout the crowd. As you looked around, the age range was significantly higher than expected. It makes one think how older generations hold these new jam bands closer to their heart due to the revival of classic rock bands.
The night was infectious and lively. The environment of Goose was nothing but inspiring to people around. Those nights at the Ryman rightfully defined the true definition of music.
- Gabrielle Sanchez
Photos courtesy of Abbie Murphy (for Bell Music Magazine)

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