Australia’s favorite psychedelic rock group, Pond, has finally returned to the United States for their long-awaited US Tour of the South West, with the first tour date at Nashville’s very own The Basement East. From the moment you entered the venue, you could feel the electric energy of the crowd as they impatiently waited for Pond’s grand entrance. Immediately, you could tell that this show would be worth the wait. Pond had support from Salt Lake City rockers 26fix, who perfectly matched the room's energy and set the vibe for the night. When 26fix finished their set and Pond took the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers. 
Pond opened the show with their newest single “(I’m) Stung” from their upcoming album "Stung!", which releases on June 21st. Instantly, the crowd was singing and dancing along. Frontman Nick Allbrook wasted no time filling the stage with his eccentric dance moves, facial expressions, and one-of-a-kind vocals. James Ireland took charge on drums as he led the band and the crowd into the next song, “America’s Cup”. Joseph Michael “Shiny Joe” Ryan made his guitar shine throughout the night, guiding the audience from twinkly guitar riffs to gritty hard rock tones. Jay Watson, who has a solo project called GUM, started off the set on keys, as well as Jamie Terry. All members switched around their instruments, playing different instruments for different songs, proving that all members of Pond are impressively talented and well-rounded musicians. 
Allbrook made a point to interact with his fans, which kept the attention of the crowd. From letting fans take control of the mic to whistle and sing, to making a toast with his drink to the fans in the front row, Allbrook demonstrated his deep connection to his fans. Crowd surfing multiple times throughout the night, he shows that he trusts his fans to support him. Pond also played favorites such as “Paint Me Silver”, “The Weather”, and “Giant Tortoise”. Closing out the night with “Medicine Hat” had the crowd dancing with heart-pumping drums and guitar. One look around once the lights came up and everyone had a smile on their face!
- Emily Duncko
Photos Courtesy of Emily Duncko (For Bell Music Magazine)

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