Live from Irving Plaza New York, Indie/Alternative band, Wave to Earth, gave fans the chance to livestream their concert from the comfort of their own home. Thanks to technology, sold-out shows that are miles away are now at our fingertips. Fans of many different bands can purchase live-streams for a fraction of the cost of regular concert tickets. There is no waiting in line or camping out. After a simple notification, fans can log on just in time to see the opener. 
Slchld, a lesser known artist with a unique name and an even more unique voice, wasted no time and immediately started performing. His soulful vocals were perfect for complementing Wave to Earth’s calm, indie style. Slchld showed he was a true vocalist, as he sang along with just keys and instrumental tracks. From the get-go, the performance exuded intimacy that translated over, even through video. Slchld ended his set with two unreleased songs, and expressed his gratitude to Wave to Earth for having him as their opener. 
Within one minute, the three members of Wave to Earth: Daniel Kim, Soonjoong Cha, and Dong Q, took the stage, ready to perform. The screams of the live audience were strong enough to make people watching from home feel giddy and excited. With a strum of the guitar, the bass and drums kicked in. With no introduction, Wave to Earth started with a feel-good love song for their fans, singing “how can my day be bad when I’m with you?” They continued to play, flowing from song to song. Most of their set was in English with a couple of songs in Korean. While paying tribute to their own culture, they showed that music truly transcends barriers and brings people together. Even through livestream, the musicality and talent of Wave to Earth is astounding. Fans watching online get to see up close shots of Daniel shredding on the guitar, and Dong Q playing the drums. Breaking in between the set, they explained that they’ve always wanted to be the next wave in the band scene, resulting in the name Wave to Earth. Their connection with each other and their love for music showed as they sang their song “Sunny Days”, which is all about how the band members spend time making music together. Even virtually, an audience member cannot help but be entranced by the instrumental additions to each song and the soulful vocals of Daniel Kim. As they finally introduced themselves at the end of their set, they showed that their profession is about their music, not them as individuals. No words were spoken at the end of their encore set, they simply bowed and walked off the stage. Wave to Earth spoke to their audience through their music and lyrics. As technology continues to evolve, more ways of experiencing live music will develop. While live music will never go out of style, fans can benefit from livestreams and see their favorite artists live from their bedroom.
- Jenn Onate

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