Just nearly three years after her debut, Holly Humberstone has released her first full-length album, “Paint My Bedroom Black”. Spanning thirteen tracks, Humberstone explores the duality of heartbreak and longing for simple moments with those who matter most. Expanding upon her intimate, yet playful, production of her past two EPs, Humberstone gives audiences a more elaborate sonic landscape to lose themselves within on this offering. Whether it be a stripped acoustic moment on “Room Service”, the slight country twang fused with alt-pop on “Ghost Me”, or the experimental journey of “Flatlining”, listeners are sure to find something that sticks with them.
 Kicking off the album with the title track, “Paint My Bedroom Black”, Humberstone provides the listener with the heart of the album right off the bat. While staying true to the artistic qualities Humberstone has become known for, the track stands as a taste of what listeners can expect to receive through the remaining 12 tracks. Standouts like the bouncy pop-rock “Cocoon”, the raw display of love put on in “Kissing in Swimming Pools” (which is reminiscent of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You”), or the self-loathing “Antichrist”, perfectly embody the duality Humberstone shows on this record. 
While Humberstone may be painting her bedroom black, this record surely shines like a bright star in the night sky. Throughout this record, Humberstone proves that she has carefully crafted a debut full-length album that sets her best foot forward. Proving that she can explore different sonic landscapes while maintaining her intimate lyrical deliveries, Humberstone has laid the groundwork for a whirlwind of a career.
- Logan Bandi

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