Zoe Wees is a 21 year old, talented musician from Germany. At such an early stage in her career, her unique voice has earned her a great following, and her debut single “Control” gained lots of traction. Now, she has released her debut album, Therapy. It continues to show how raw and vulnerable Zoe is in her music. 1824 gave us the opportunity to speak with Zoe about her new album and she left us stunned with her emotional maturity.
 Zoe prepared us for what we should expect from her album, describing it as a “tears streaming down” album. She says that her music is emotional, deep, and all about storytelling. We asked Zoe if she gets scared being so vulnerable and open in her music and her response described how most creators feel. She told us that when she writes, she isn’t thinking about how personal the lyrics are. Music is her form of therapy, hence the album title. However, when it comes time to release the songs she says it is difficult because they are very close to her heart. Even so, Zoe thinks that music is the best way to make people feel stronger and less lonely. 1824 allowed us to listen to her unreleased song, “21 candles”, which shares her struggles with not having a father figure while she was growing up. Zoe is a strong storyteller whose honesty could help many avid music listeners. 
We also asked Zoe if being in the music industry at the young age of 21, and years prior, has affected her and her music. Her response was that she has learned a lot and she has already improved as an artist. She is ready to continue learning and growing as an artist. Another publication asked her what she has learned from other musicians in the industry. Zoe said that multiple mentors have told her how important it is to say “no.” She is on track to stay true to herself and keep providing fans with music that truly represents her. Zoe’s rationale behind being so open is “the more honesty you give to people, the more honesty you get back.” 
Be sure to check out Zoe Wees’ debut album, Therapy. She has poured her heart and soul into it. Through the album you may learn that other people have been through similar trials and tribulations, and you can get through it together. 
- Jenn Onate

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