Bringing class and candidness to Wednesday night at The Analog, Bizzy hit the stage like a bullet and brought a powerhouse performance pairing humor, vulnerability, and a pointed wit most writers spend their careers crafting.Bizzy’s set was confessional and captivating. Barring herself to an audience Bizzy makes no secret of her musings and mistakes (mostly in the form of significant others) but pulls from her unique truth to find what’s universal. Uplifting, empowering, and insightful Bizzy opened the night with “Spinach in my Teeth” a cutting-edgeIt's a pop punk beat that packs a punch at every turn. “Did everyone know? Everyone but me, like I’ve been walking around with spinach in my teeth” a catchy and thought-provoking analogy that captures the essence of post-break-up embarrassment.
As vulnerable as she is, Bizzy never loses momentum. Her energy bounces from stage right to stage left, never dropping the audience’s attention.  Being at a Bizzy show is like hanging out with your best friend, dancing around talking shit about your exes, a girl’s girl if you will. Bizzy rocks a raspy alto belt as she demolishes her ex lyric by lyric. Ending the night with her first released and most streamed song “Anybody” Bizzy undoubtedly left the Analog with many new fans. Mid-tempo, contemplative, and self-assessing Bizzy lays her set standards on a platter and undermines the idea by countering “….i could fall in love with anybody” Concise and vulnerable like Zach Bryan, while avenging and self-assured like Olivia O’Brien, Bizzy has created a sound that’s entirely her own and left a lasting impression on the audience at The Analog.
- Isabella Ellis
Photos Courtesy of Ashlee Riggins (For Bell Music Magazine)

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