The End, the Rock & Roll dive bar in Nashville, outlined a whole night of music. The venue exists to provide a show you simply cannot experience anywhere else. That is exactly what openers, CADENCE!, delivered to fans.
Opening with such powerful instrumentals, ‘Sad But True’ by Metallica, gave fans a sneak peek into the night. The frontman, Cadence Hinnant, struck the atmosphere with his transcendent energy. The energy is felt by every single person; this was more than a concert. It was a celebration of music. To showcase their songs, from "American Poison” to ‘Big Life’, Hinnant was always engaging the crowd in the show. It was not just the band's show, it was the fans, too. Throughout the show, each member had a moment to showcase their true talent. Guitarist, Will Sulak, brought the raw guitar sound that transforms the sound of hard rock and metal. Right after a powerful Hinder cover, the spotlight was on Brennan Kaiser, drummer, who took fans on a melodic journey. Kevin Bull Jr, bassist, provided fans with a deep and powerful bass breakdown to add to the “wow” factor.
Many ’80s and early 2000s fans ask for that pure and raw sound to come back, and that is exactly what CADENCE! is doing. They are rewriting their own rules in the realm of music. From Metallica to Van Halen covers, there is nothing that this band cannot perform. The sheer talent that is represented on any stage they take will transcend any audience for one night.
Check out their latest single: ‘My Obsession’. CADENCE! will be playing DRKMTTR on February 23rd! See you there!
- Gabrielle Sanchez
Photos by: Kylie Hoover (for Bell Music Magazine)

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