Hippo Campus, the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system, or the indie band that is taking each city by storm? One can only tell by getting the full experience live themselves and you might even get a mix of both.
Their opener, Gus Dapperton, gave as much energy on stage as his music brought to the crowd. His whole band was dancing on stage as if no one was watching and they were the only ones in the room. As one watched their performance, it was very telling of their passion for creating music and performing and sharing that with others. His energy was contagious and by the end of his set, everyone in the room was sharing the excitement of what had yet to come.
Opening with their single ‘South,’ Hippo Campus gave St. Louis a setlist that was so strategically and beautifully planned and full of emotion, which is very fitting for their name. The night was so full of energy from the crowd that quite literally had the whole room shaking at times. The band hit everything from their most popular tracks, their freshest and newest releases, to the deep cuts that only their most dedicated fans would know. Many people traveled out of state for the show, which from the start, is already very telling of how great of a show the band puts on. Being in that room during Hippo’s performance gave the serotonin everyone wants to feel over and over again. The pure happiness and joy of hearing the audience sing the lyrics back to the band and watching people dance with their friends and with strangers was unforgettable and will be a memory of a lifetime.
Hippo ended the night with one of their most popular songs, ‘Buttercup,’ from their first album “Landmark,” which brought a sense of nostalgia to most in the room. The perfect way to end a great night of live music.
- Molly Greco

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