Chappell Roan is a rising star in the music industry who refuses to be tampered down. She is everything and more. Her songwriting abilities, vocals, and persona will undoubtedly leave an undeniable mark on the music scene- especially among queer pop listeners. Chappell’s journey from a small town in Missouri to bright lights and the stage has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a voice that effortlessly traverses genres and lyrics that delve deep into the human experience, Chappell Roan is an artist who transcends boundaries and connects with audiences on a profound level. 1824 has allowed us to talk with her and it was something we truly will never forget. 
Chappell Roan is a force to be reckoned with- this might be an understatement. Every outlet was ecstatic to talk to someone like Chappell. Every answer or comment coming from her was genuine. She is unapologetically who she is and nothing will ever take that away from her. Our moderator, Ally Hall, stated that not only is Chappell dedicated to expanding her career, but she’s also dedicated to uplifting others around her. 
One outlet asked Chappell how listeners explain how much they relate to her songwriting abilities, and how that pushed her lyrical and conceptual explanations. There is no doubt there are heavy topics that go into these elements. Unfortunately, there is a lot of trauma that could be surrounded by one’s queerness when it comes to coming out or homophobia. Chappell said she just writes how something is or what she wishes something was. As humans, “we are prone to wish”  for things and daydream. We can almost maladaptive daydream about something that pulls us out of a negative connotation that surrounds our hardships. Chappell Roan does this authentically and beautifully when it comes to a fun upbeat party song or something blunt like her song “Kaleidoscope”, she says. 
Another publication asked how Chappell’s sound and lyricism evolved since her early career singles. Looking at her career, she used to be “dark and piano-ballad pop” that held a lot of inspiration from Lorde or Lana del Rey. Everything changed for Chappell when she moved to Los Angeles, California. Her eyes were completely new things. A new environment flipped her into 180 and she was doing things she never thought she could do. Her new sound was what was genuinely going on in her life. Her soundscape transcended what her mind was going through. Ally Hall, again, made an excellent point about how one’s environment can dramatically affect what you create and how. 
Chappell’s silly and lively personality is not only shown through her social media but also her music. A publication asked, “What is one thing you want fans to know about your work or your artistic process before they listen to the album?”. Of course, this sweet singer said, “Prepare to be silly”. She explained how when she is creating something new, she is hyper-critical of her work. She wants everyone to give everything a chance. Chappell said, “Allow yourself to feel silly and fun”. this pop sensation is a beacon of positivity and a source of inspiration to those who have ever felt like outsiders. Her artistry isn't just about music; it's about being herself, embracing silliness, and making the world a brighter place for everyone.
Our writer for this conference is a queer person herself so this artist and topics hit home- as most can say the same. We asked, “As an LGBTQ+ person, we all appreciate your work to represent us. How can you navigate your sexuality while trying to amplify other LGBTQ voices?”. Chappell said having a voice that is supported by other people is so important. She applauds all queer people trying to push through- especially right now by the community being targeted. Roan also explained how she does not expect another queer artist to do anymore except live. There is immense pressure for queer artists to do more than be simply queer. Roan works with queer directors and her crew is mostly queer as well. Queer people have each other’s back, she said. 
Chappell Roan is an outstanding singer-songwriter but also an amazing person. She does everything in her power to uplift women and queer voices who do not feel like they can use their voices.  Queer people are being targeted more than ever right now. We will always have each other’s back no matter what. Roan is such a light in the industry, and she deserves everything and more. 
Check out her NEW album The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. This is an album you cannot miss. She did it and she’s having fun while at it.
Bell Music Magazine loves and appreciates Chappell. As she said in her most recent Instagram post, “I hope you feel freedom and joy when you listen. I hope it gives you solace in the difficult times.” 
-Gabby Sanchez

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