As Bell Music Magazine takes on the summer tour, taking viewers to places all over the U.S. for all things music, St. Louis, Missouri was the first stop. Feeling good, but what could have been better than what took place at Off Broadway on Wednesday, May 17th? The Orphan The Poet “Live in Concert” tour had finally made it to the city of St. Louis and had everyone excited and anticipating what would come next.
The alternative-pop and indie-rock band from Chicago, Marina City, opened the night and almost blew the roof off the venue with lead singer, Ryan Argast, vocals, and their spunky and lively stage presence. This show was their first show playing as a three-piece, as the lead singer stated, “We used to be a six-piece, but now we are we three-piece chicken nugget.” As one who is frequent at Raising Canes, the three-piece is always the best. Setting the tone for the night, Marina City had the crowd on their feet dancing and in high energy, the perfect way to start the night.
Nothing is better than supporting local and St. Louis knows how to do just that. The garage-indie band, Scamps, is a fan favorite. Hometown shows are already high energy and special in a room filled with friends, family, and a fanbase that was first formed in the city where the band did. With college wrapping up and hometown friends making their way back, this show was just the perfect way to begin the summer. The Scamps played everything from their old songs to new songs just released and even songs that they don’t have names for yet. They played a song that was not even fully finished during their set. Lead singer, Christian Djavaherian, went on to say they had just the structure of the song, but still do not fully know what the lyrics are yet. They wanted the audience to be a part of the process and understand how writing a song feels. Finishing up their set, they had everyone dancing and singing along, guitarist, Jude Palliser, absolutely shredding to bring it home, leaving the crowd enthusiastic and in good spirits for the headliners.
No feeling like when the lights go down before the headliner comes on stage. The second The Orphan The Poet stepped into the flashing lights, their stage presence and energy throughout the entire show was beyond compare. Their interaction with the crowd allowed everyone to feel themselves and really get into the music as they got everyone jumping around and closer to the stage. It had been two years since their last time back in St. Louis, but they were the headliners this time. Throughout their show, they even snuck in a cover of “Love Story,” by Taylor Swift, which got the entire crowd singing along. For all of those wondering, yes, they are Swifties! They ended the show with their song “Feelin’ Good (Could Be Better)” which had the whole room shaking by the end as everyone jumped up and down. The Orphan The Poet made sure it was a memorable show for all of those in the room.
It was a night full of pure passion for live music and a room filled with people who knew the best way to spend their Wednesday night surrounded by music and friends.
- Molly Greco

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