Raw, tender, and invigorating are just some of the words one could use to describe Holly Humberstone’s breathtaking North American tour kick off. Starting off at Nashville’s Basement East, fans rallied together on May 5th to immerse in the world of Holly Humberstone. Ecstatic to kick off her first headlining US tour, Humberstone took the stage in an American flag skirt and started the show with “Paint My Bedroom Black”, the title track of her debut album. 
With her invigorating stage presence, Humberstone made the Basement East feel like the biggest of stages. Showcasing her discography throughout the night, Humberstone worked her way through the majority of her debut full length album, Paint My Bedroom Black, alongside highlights from her EPs (Falling Asleep at the Wheel, The Walls Are Way Too Thin, and the recent Work In Progress). Proving her duality, intimate performances of “Deep End” and “Can You Afford To Lose Me?” drew the audience in, then heightening Humberstone’s electric performances of “Dive” and “Flatlining”. During the exhilarating “Cocoon”, Humberstone surprised the audience by bringing out Medium Build, who joined Humberstone on a recently released remix of the track. On top of it all, Humberstone performed “Down Swinging”, off her recent Work In Progress EP, for the very first time.
 After rounding out the main set with “Ghost Me”, Humberstone returned to the stage for a magical performance of “Friendly Fire”, the closing track of Humberstone’s The Walls Are Way Too Thin. Beginning the song by herself and her guitar, Humberstone’s band then joined her on the stage midway through, enchanting the room with their dynamic arrangements. Following this, Humberstone and her band closed out the night with a bouncy performance of “Scarlett”. If Holly Humberstone’s Nashville proved one thing, it’s that Humberstone is here to stay. Working every inch of the stage, Humberstone’s presence is both intimate and larger than life. As Holly Humberstone continues to pave a path for herself in the music industry, her authentic expression of creativity is front and center of what is a one-of-a-kind artist.
- Logan Bandi

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