Hailing from Athens, Georgia, experimental pop rockers of Montreal once again graced Nashville with their infectious rhythms and hypnotizing live show. Of Montreal is the brainchild of frontperson Kevin Barnes who formed the band in 1996, allegedly following a breakup with a woman from Montreal, Canada. Over the years, the band's sound has transformed from pop to electronic to funk, making it impossible to truly label their music. Their members have evolved as well, now including Ross Brand on bass, Jojo Glidewell on keys, and Clayton Rychlik on drums. Celebrating the release of their 19th studio album, Lady On The Cusp, the band embarked on the Lady On The Cusp Tour earlier this month, finally landing at Nashville’s Exit/In on June 28th. Texas-based pop band Tele Novella opened up the show, preparing everyone in attendance with good vibes and heartwarming harmonies.  Of Montreal then took the stage, immediately diving into their iconic live stage show. Taking influence from circus acts, theater, and comedy, the performance veterans know how to put on a show - and put it on well. 
Using projectors to their advantage, the show began with a large cloth figure being carried out, with projections of eyeballs and psychedelic patterns overtop of the sheet. They then played their hit song “Gronlandic Edit” from the critically acclaimed album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?, and the crowd truly felt the beat of the groovy tune. Throughout the show, dancers would emerge from the wings, dressed in wacky costumes and dancing with the band, making the show hard to look away from. During “Yung Hearts Bleed Free”, a single from Lady On The Cusp, the dancers came onstage wearing matching suits with hearts on them, performing a choreographed dance alongside the band, adding to the danceable synth and bass-based tune. Closing with the electronic-pop tune “The Party’s Crashing Us” of Montreal made sure the audience kept dancing until the very end. This show took audience members on a journey through genres, with stunning visual effects to match the ever-evolving style of the band. This is truly a show you have to see to believe!
- Emily Duncko
Photos Courtesy of Emily Duncko (For Bell Music Magazine)

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