On Thursday night, Spencer Sutherland lit up the stage at The Basement East with his sultry vocals and endless charisma. The indie pop singer released his most recent album “In His Mania” in March and subsequently embarked on a tour of the same name in cities across the US.
Right away, it was clear that Spencer Sutherland is a gifted performer who feels comfortable in his own skin. He wore tight blue pants and a matching beaded blue jacket that had nothing underneath it but glitter.  While all his songs were electrifying and magnetic, a definite standout was “Cry.” His raspy voice and sultry dancing only added to the song’s inherent sexiness. He pranced around the stage commanding the attention of the audience and relishing every moment. Spencer was a joy to watch and put on a thoroughly entertaining show.
Another highlight of the night was the way that Spencer Sutherland connected with the crowd. There were many moments of hand holding, crowd participation, acceptance of gifts from fans, and he even ran off stage at one point only to reenter and sing a song from atop the bar in the back. His fans clearly mean a lot to him and providing a safe space for the celebration of life and love seems to be important. The crowd fed off this energy, with practically every person in the crowd singing and dancing by the end of the very first song. This was also reflected in the band members as both his drummer and guitarist looked like they were having the absolute best time. It was a concert that was clearly special, creating a joyful memory for all in attendance. It is certain, Spencer Sutherland’s show at The Basement East is definitely one that will be remembered!
- Abby Jester
Photos courtesy of Kylie Hoover (for Bell Music Magazine)

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