The Dandy Warhols have never shied away from experimenting. Their latest album, “ROCKMAKER”, dives headfirst into a sonic odyssey. Courtney Taylor-Taylor (vocals, guitar), Peter Holmström (guitar, keyboards), Zia McCabe (keyboard, bass, percussion), and Brent DeBoer (drums, backing vocals) always do it right. The album, as a whole, has a different essence to each track. Each track is almost like its own world. You do not know what to expect from each track. 
The opening track, “The Dooms Day Bells”, sets the tone with its gritty lyrics and airy synths. The track is so much more than just “a song”; it is more of an opening statement for the band to show the listeners what is to come. Realistically speaking, the track gives the main character energy (it is the truth). Further down, “I’d Like to Help You With Your Problems” is the track. I physically felt my eyes widen and did not even realize my body was moving while listening to this track. The sound of the guitar just pulls you into the song, The simple “wah wah wah” of it makes you feel good. Many of these songs are not positive-esque but they make you smile to yourself. 
This record is a perfect example of The Dandy Warhols ability to create immersive sonic landscapes that captivate the imagination-not only of the band but of the listeners too. The record is very visual even if that’s not the goal. Lyrically, it is cryptic yet evocative which invites listeners to ponder existential questions while getting lost in the music's hypnotic groove. “ROCKMAKER” is a bold offering from The Dandy Warhols and is certainly an album that you cannot miss. They are normalizing pushing the boundaries of their sound and embracing new sonic territories. You do not want to miss this.
- Gabby Sanchez

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