Nashville, Tennessee has always been known for its riveting soul of country music. Every so often, a band emerges that shakes up the status quo and reaffirms the city’s presence of raw rock and roll. Enter Rosetta, a Nashville-based trio, that just unleashed their debut EP: Rosetta. The EP holds a blistering collection of transcendent, unadulterated rock and roll anthems that absolutely cannot be ignored. Anders Hansson (guitar), Luke Moran (organ/bass/lead vocals), and Dylan Duffy (drums/vocals) are entering the rock scene at a running speed. 
Their self-titled EP hits the ground running with “Introduction” which puts a start to Rosetta’s sonic universe. There is no doubt that this is the perfect way to open an album. It holds a tantalizing glimpse into what they want to be known for. It holds a tantalizing glimpse into their gritty sound with that unapologetic rock sound. The first track holds a transcendent transition into their second track: “Have You Heard”.
This powerful rock anthem will just make you sit in awe from the first chord. The track is proof of Rosetta’s sonic intent with a drip of attitude. Like this one, the band is crafting rich tracks with those infectious hooks. There is just so much energy in this song and it is hard not to feel it. It is one of those tracks that you instantly feel every ounce of passion the band put in. Hansson’s guitar solo is one you just have to take in. There are no words to explain the riveting explosive energy. 
Track three, “Elephant”, gives listeners that emotional depth that this band has. Morgan’s ability to convey such emotion on the organ during the introduction will make listeners speechless. It adds such depth and power to the track. The buildup between the instrumental introduction and the first verse gives the track dramatic charisma. Duffy’s drums add a layer of power that encapsulates the soul of the track. From the organ to the drums to the guitar, this song will leave people speechless, especially live. 
“Lost My Mind” is no stranger to a powerful rock song. Vocals. Vocals. Vocals. Track four quite literally had me “losing my mind”. There is just an explosive burst of energy that cannot be compared. It is a wild ride that holds the true rock and roll essence. The song offers almost a sense of rebellion. With relentless drumming to powerful guitar riffs, there is no way this song won’t make you “lose your mind”.
“Breathe”, track five, is going to be one of the best songs live. I said it here first. Rosetta delivers a powerful dystopian-style anthem that is thought-provoking and emotionally challenging. With haunting vocals and a relentless, apocalyptic intensity, this track leaves a lasting impression. With reverse and delays, the song answers their true soundscape perfectly. 
Closing out the EP with "I Shall Be Released," (a cover, originally by Bob Dylan). With that folk and stomp & and holler undertone, this song pulls at your emotions. Their rendition of the Bob Dylan classic takes on a new dimension, painting a vivid picture of a world on the brink of collapse. With haunting vocals and a relentless, apocalyptic intensity, this track leaves a lasting impression, serving as a stark reminder of the societal challenges we face in an uncertain future.
Rosetta is just starting but this band is insane. They have a charisma and power that you cannot find in a lot of starting bands. 
In a mere six tracks, Rosetta's debut EP takes us on a dynamic journey through the heart and soul of rock 'n' roll, concluding with the evocative and introspective "I Shall Be Released". With charisma, raw energy, and a keen musical sensibility, they've made an impressive entrance onto the Nashville music scene, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their rock 'n' roll journey. There is no doubt that I can say I am obsessed with this EP. These guys are going to go far and it is well-deserved.
-Gabrielle Sanchez

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