Very rarely do we get a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the biggest musicians in the world. Typically, they step onstage, sing their songs, and we are left wondering what happens when the lights are off. Recently, it seems that more and more artists are choosing to give their fans a glimpse of what their lives are really like. For Louis Tomlinson, this revelation was years in the making. On March 23rd, his new film “All of Those Voices” premiered in theaters worldwide.
As along time fan of Louis’, I was thrilled to finally hear what he had to say. As he mentions in the film, Louis was often thought of as the “forgotten” member of One Direction, one of the most famous boybands of all time. However, “All of Those Voices” sheds new light on Louis and his life since rising to stardom.
The film begins with One Direction’s 2016 X-Factor performance, which was their final time performing together as a band. Lots of never-before-seen footage is revealed as fans glimpse the tension on that fateful day. It is a hard watch, especially as Louis (in a current-day voice-over) explains how he was blindsided by the band’s end. For years, fans have trolled Louis for promising that the group would be reunited within 18 months. However, apparently, Louis had believed that himself. Once the band ended, Louis’ life took a turn for the worse. His life was filled with a lot of tragedy including the deaths of his mother and sister. The film gives an intimate look at this hardship and does not shy away from grief. Louis’ family is integral to this narrative, explaining how much he struggled with this immense loss. All of this is also happening while Louis was struggling to find his voice as a solo artist. In One Direction, he had finally found his place as the band’s main songwriter, with 38 songwriter credits to his name by the time the band had ended. Without that sense of direction, the music he released was lacking in a cohesive feel or voice. Finally, in 2020, Louis released his debut album “Walls” which was well-received all around the world. It allowed him to plan for a world tour which he was eventually forced to reschedule due to COVID-19.
During this time, Louis gazed inward and realized exactly what kind of music he wanted to be making. From here, the film takes a more hopeful turn. There are adorable scenes of Louis and his son Freddie showing a softer side that fans rarely see. It showcases his amazing friendship with the members of his band, with many of them saying that Louis is the best artist they have ever worked with. There are clips of him making new music that he seems to feel fits him as an artist. Finally, it shows Louis’ incredible relationship with his fans. Once he can start playing shows again, the energy at his concerts can be felt through the screen. Interviews with fans camping out for days on end in multiple cities reveal how dedicated fans are to their favorite artist. And as the film showcases, the longer the tour went on, the better the shows got. By the time he got to South America, Louis was playing large arenas, a massive step up from the venues he played in North America. His growth is incredible and anyone lucky enough to see him live is in awe. This film captured the energy perfectly and finally gave Louis the credit he deserves. I have seen a lot of music documentaries in my life. Without a doubt, Louis Tomlinson’s “All of Those Voices” is my favorite. It captures every emotion you could think of and left the entire audience with a huge smile on their face as they wiped away tears. Louis is such an easy artist to appreciate. He is grounded, he loves his fans, and he has a passion for the music he is making. If you are not a huge Louis fan before watching this documentary, I can promise you will change your mind by the end. Currently, “All of Those Voices” is limited to a theatrical release but be on the lookout for its appearance on a streaming service soon! And be sure to catch Louis on his upcoming tour for “Faith in the Future” during summer 2023!

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