On January 12, 2024, Ariana Grande released her new single titled, “Yes, and?.” The single is an upbeat song, with elements of house music. While the production is top-tier, the lyrics are what is catching the attention of fans and casual listeners alike. Recently caught in a whirlwind of personal rumors, Grande’s new single seems like a response to all of the buzz surrounding her on social media. Some of the song's lyrics include, “Your business is yours and mine is mine”, and “Don’t comment on my body, do not reply.” Ariana Grande has been open about how hands-on she is in the creation of her own music. Much like the rest of her discography, she is credited as a songwriter and producer on the “Yes, and?” track. Ariana Grande proves that authenticity and personality does not have to be sacrificed for commercial success. 
Music is just as important for those who create it, as for those who listen to it. In the craziness of the commercial music world, it can be easy to forget what music is really about. Ariana Grande stays true to herself by communicating her personal struggle and feelings through her music. This song can also be used as empowerment for all who listen to it. The mantra “Yes, and?” has blown up on social media, as people are using it to find the confidence they need to pursue their dreams, hobbies, and unique styles. With just one single, Ariana Grande managed to respond to rumors about her personal life, empower herself, and give others the courage to be themselves. A positive symbiotic relationship is what makes music so special; artists and listeners alike can benefit from positive messages in music. Fans can look forward to more uplifting, personal messages in the release of Ariana Grande’s full-length album, Eternal Sunshine, on March 8th, 2024.
- Jenn Onate

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