Beloved singer/songwriter Claire Cottrill, a.k.a. Clairo, has finally re-emerged into the indie-pop sphere. Cottrill’s 2021 LP Sling was characterized by its introspective lyrics, intentional melodies and organic instrumentation. Since its release, fans have awaited new music from the artist, who frequently teases unreleased material on social media. Luckily, Cottrill followed up the announcement of her third studio album Charm by unveiling the whimsical single “Sexy to Someone.” “Sexy to Someone” is a wash of warmth and light. The track harnesses the nostalgia of renowned musicians Todd Rundgren and Carole King records while maintaining a fresh, modern sound. Succinct drumbeats, playful flute arrangements and tasteful piano trills sustain Cottrill’s sincere doubled vocals. Each chorus sounds like an explosion of light. 
Cottrill simply, yet directly addresses a simple human desire – to be “sexy to someone.” Ethereal harmonies and tasteful basslines contribute to the track’s irresistible groove. Cottrill, needing “a reason to get out of the house” describes being sexy to somebody as “just a little thing” she can’t live without. The track presents feelings of playfulness, longing and desire in a precise, instantly replayable package. Positive fan reactions have followed Clairo’s return. Many refer to “Sexy to Someone” as a delightful cross between Sling and Immunity. The track maintains Sling’s reflective insight while being supported by memorable Immunity-esque hooks. From what Cottrill has teased from Charm so far, it seems that she’s truly settled into a groove of her own. “Sexy To Someone” provides a wonderfully addictive glimpse into her personality, musicianship and upcoming direction.
- Madeleine Bradford

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